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Gardenias that are brought from an outdoor nursery into an indoor climate will often drop.

If your Gardenia's leaves turn yellow and drop, aside from the normal aging process of its leaves, this may be caused by any of these reasons: Over-watering or under-watering: Gardenias need at least 1 inch of rain (or equivalent watering) each week. Keep the soil consistently damp but not soggy. Jun 22, Too much water causing a gardenia bush with yellow leaves.

When you have a gardenia bush with yellow leaves, the first thing to do is check your soil for too much water. The gardenia needs moist soil, but not overly wet. Add some more compost to help it have a richer environment and be sure to set up proper drainage. Wrong pH causing gardenia bush with yellow leaves. Jun 29, If you have ruled out incorrect soil pH, poor drainage, and over-watering as possible causes for yellow leaves on your gardenia, then consider yourself lucky.

The fourth growing need, sufficient nutrients, is met easily enough if such nutrition has been lacking. Oct 15, Yellowing leaves can be a result of many different issues including fungus, insects, nematodes, insufficient light, temperature changes, over-watering or under watering. It can also simply be a result of the natural aging process. The oldest leaves of a Gardenia often turn yellow and fall off. Water Quality. Watering the gardenia using normal tap water may cause yellowing of its leaves, since tap water is mostly hard, containing calcium present as limestone.

Also, water runoffs from concrete, being alkaline, can affect nutrient uptake, causing chlorosis and yellow leaves. Sep 21, Gardenias need proper nutrition to maintain healthy green leaves.

A potassium deficiency can cause yellowing, then browning, of the leaf tips, especially on leaves that have recently reached their adult size. Root Rot Ruin. Several types of root rot attack gardenias, causing above-ground symptoms such as leaf yellowing, wilting and leaf drop.

Digging just below the soil surface will reveal brown.